Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haul : January - naked cosmetic, GA, YSL, Revlon, MAC....

Time goes so fast as i still can't believe Jan is over, well then is the HAUL time !!!
I am trying to cut down the cost of cosmetics so i didn't get that much and here are them:-

5 handy tiny hand creams from Japanese store, i don't really need them actually but they are just so cute and i just can't say no to the price =) Guess what ? they are only RM5 each ($1.5)!!! Made in Japan ! I do love Japanese skin cares ~

Well, follow by are some stuffs i have been eyeing for long time =p

Revlon sugar sugar lip topping - snowflake

MAC warm&cozy collection single e/s in modelette

Benefit F.Y.eye ( i knew this is discontinued, and that's the reason i must get it, lol....)

Giorgio Armani sheer blush in shade 2

Yves Saint Laurent e/s duo in shade 15

Essence of Beauty deluxe duo set face brush ( i have wanted this for over a year, OMG.....)

love them =)

Naked Cosmetic pigments !!!

these are all pretty much the stuff reached me in Jan, yea, still some are on the way=)
i will do review on them if anyone requested.

And Feb there're lot of yummy stuff going on, i just hope they can reach me before CNY and btw, have anyone check out the MAC in lilyland collection? Are you planning to get any of them?

Good Luck =)