Friday, December 25, 2009

My current fav. SHU UEMURA

lately i have been tried SHU UEMURA eye shadows and am 100% fall in love with it ~
the color pay off is so good, the touch of the shadows is so silky, even though it's a bit pricey but surely will get more.

SHU UEMURA totally have 108 colors of the single colors i think, and it been divided into four categories :

finely-milled pressed powders provide smooth eye makeup look ranging from sheer to intense.

among all these, i preferred the IR the most, the color is amazing, it changes depends on the light, i think i will get all of the IR in the future =)

here is the swatch of the eye shadow/palette that i had

a palette from MIKA collection - contains 7 amazing ME colors and one gel eyeliner, love it~

so beauties, if you drop by the Shu Uemura counter do check the eyeshadows, it will surprise you !
Good Luck

Monday, December 21, 2009

my simple party look

products used will be list soon

here is the Final Look, and i know am still a beginner of makeup, still need to improve a lot of things such as how to put on double eyelid tape =P

Final Look


Currently this is the most heavy look i had, lol ...
i quite like it, what do you think ? :D


so, i changed the previous blog to a blog which only hold my blog sales and here will be my beauty vanity =)

Let's get start ....

Good Luck